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Mom & Dad

Cocker spaniel puppies

Norah has now retired. She is living her best life with my Aunt and Uncle. Norah is spoiled rotten living the farm life!

Mini Poodle puppies

Phoebe is the best mama! Phoebe is an F1 cockapoo she weights in at 20 lbs, her puppies will still range from 15-20 lbs. She is 100% devoted to her people, unless someone squeaks a ball and then she is gone! She LOVES to fetch, and go on car rides.

Mini Poodle Merle

Sully as we call him is a Merle Mini Poodle he just weighed in at 13#.  He is very calm, loving and, is very smart he loves to do tricks. When we are outside Sully is very active. He loves to swim and, go on runs. But you can usually always find him cuddled up, on someones lap getting some extra love.


Cephas is new to our program. He is  a red/aproict mini poodle, and weighs 22 lbs. Cephas is the biggest lover, and just wants to get all the love, and attention! He is owned by our great friends Christie and David @ Shepherdsfolds Cockapoos 

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